Things to Do After Your Divorce


There are many things to be done after the divorce decree is entered.  This should help you with navigating the waters of post-divorce life. 

 1.  Keep a diary of significant events relating to custody and visitations.

2. Make arrangements with medical providers so both spouses can have access to medical information on children.

3. Make arrangements with schools so both spouses can have access to all school information on the children. You may need to provide a copy of your Decree of Divorce to the school showing joint legal custody.

4. Obtain a school calendar of holidays and days off for children each year.

5. Prepare a joint calendar for the year and mark each parent’s visitation time, holidays, etc.

6.   Don’t let the children play you and your ex-spouse against each other.

7.  When possible, be flexible with requests for changes in visitation. You may also someday want to request a change.

8.  Consider purchasing life insurance and listing your children as beneficiaries.

9. Concentrate on establishing a good working relationship with your ex-spouse for the benefit of the children.

10.  Visitation and custody can be changed based on a change of circumstances and the best interest of the children.

11.  Try to maintain a working relationship and communications with ex-in-laws.


Child Support

12.  Keep a written accounting of financial obligations and payments with ex-spouse such as child support, daycare costs, health insurance premiums and medical bills.

13.  Utilize Idaho Child Support Services through the Department of Health and Welfare to pay child support or to collect it through wage withholding.  This agency keeps an accounting of all payments.

14.  A wage withholding order can be set up by contacting the Department of Health and Welfare at 150 Shoup Ave., Idaho Falls, ID 83402

15.  If you are paying child support, be dependable and stay current. Pay on the same day every month at the beginning of the month or as agreed with your ex-spouse.

16.  If you are receiving child support and it is delinquent, contact Health and Welfare to assist with enforcement, tax interception, driver's license suspension, etc.



17.  Transfer all titles and deeds to property as required by the Decree of Divorce.

18. Get all of the property physically transferred properly between you and your spouse.



19.  Remove your ex-spouse as beneficiary from any life insurance, IRAs, 401(k)'s, etc.

20. Prepare a Will designating how to distribute your property, select a guardian for your children and establish a trust for minor children.

21.  If you remarry, you must rewrite your Will to avoid the new spouse taking most or all of your property and your children receiving none.

22.  Consider a prenuptial agreement before remarriage.

23.  Establish a budget and track your income and expenses. Adjust with more income or less expenses as needed.

24.  Establish credit in your own name.

25.  Have a savings account or a credit card for emergencies.

26.  Consider attending a Divorce Recovery Group.

27. Try to maintain appropriate communications with ex-in-laws.

28.   Let go of the past. Don’t carry around whatever problems led to the divorce, especially if you have children involved.


Posted on January 29, 2014 and filed under Family law.